Friday, July 30, 2004

Pressure gauge, Banjo fitting, and Mr. One-Tooth

Tonight bought a pressure gauge from Menards that already has a garden hose adapter on it for under $7. The gauge alone is $4 so it wasn't worth fooling with fittings. Hoping I can do some pressure measurements and then put in the new pressure switch and valve on the well.

Spent lunchtime with Dale attempting to get his hydraulic lines for his tractor fixed. Luckily it had an odd "banjo" fitting so obviously we went to a welding shop where Mr. One-Tooth called to Junior (the resident expert) and went back to fooling with their broken truck. Mr. Soon-To-Be-Flathead was under the axle looking around with only a jack between he and sudden death.

Junior was going to attempt to remove the banjo fitting and put it on a new tube. Perhaps future updates will have the resullts of this fine project. But probably no more dental reports on One-Tooth.