Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Pump up the Well get down in the Dirt

John stopped by and showed me how to recharge the underground pressure tank for the well.
Procedure is to:

  • Turn off the pump.
  • Open a valve (used the outside faucet) and let all the water out.
  • Close faucet
  • Pump up tank to about 25 PSI with air compressor
  • Open faucet and repeat until nothing but air comes out.
  • Pump up to about 25-27 PSI one last time
  • Turn on well pump

This seems to have fixed the short cycling of the well pump.
Could use a new T fitting, schrader valve, and pressure switch (30 on /50 off) at some point.
Some water came out of the schrader valve but that could be condensate perhaps. Still haven't determined if it has a bladder or not and if it does is it ruptured. But seems to be working for the moment.

Finished off the evening by skipping roller hockey and scooping 4 wagon loads of sand out of the road where it has eroded from the driveway and yard.
M is in DesMoines with soon-to-be-mommy sister Ang. M is taking a class tomorrow.