Sunday, August 15, 2004

Dishwasher and microwave supplies.

Spent most of the weekend buying parts and pieces for the electric and plumbing for the microwave and dishwasher installation. I think I have a plan for the drain since they used non-standard tailpipes and pieces so I can't just swap out one piece.
Also discovered the holes for the microwave and dishwasher are too small so i need to shave some off the cabinets. Luckily it is out where everyone can see it and will also need to have some unknown stain and finish on the cuts, so I bought some stain samples to try to match the current finish.
While we were at it, we bought a new kitchen faucet. Now that requires me to figure out how to get the old one out. The new one uses a special tool that is supplied with it.
Also bought a hallway bench/coathook thingy, luckily the mirror back was broken so now i have to call and see if they will send me replacement parts.
I was successful at replacing the light bulb in the oven.