Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Avast. The Dishwasher is washing

After removing the dishwasher to check it and make it easier for the repairman to look at on wednesday, I saw that the flexible water line I chose to use flopped around during installation and knocked off an exposed connector on the motor's starting capacitor. Stupid design having it be exposed and very easy to bump as well as having the connector point to the rear. Since it is an extra capacity model it is also nearly impossible to see or reach it without removing the washer from the cabinet.
Stapled down the water line and was very careful not to have it flop around.
Appears to spin the cleaning arms. A dirty dirty test dish is being spritzed as I type. You may assume it is clean unless you see a RANT to the contrary. Perhaps my luck is turning around.
Oh did I mention the missing piece on the cabinet we bought yesterday and TRIED to assemble. Replacement parts are on order.
Kill me now.

UPDATE: It appears that the dish is clean. I stand by my "Kill me now" statement though.