Monday, September 20, 2004

Disregard previous "Dishwasher installed" post.

Please disregard the previous post (except for the pictures, it sure looks nice sitting there).
I did NOT install a DISHWASHER. I did, in fact, install a large plastic box that pumps in water, heats it, sits quietly for several minutes, then pumps the water out. Note that it does not spray.
The brand name says Whirlpool but I suspect it may have been made by a NASA team since after it is completely on site and installed, one little motor appears not to run and thus fails its one and only function.
Some would refer to it as a piece of feces,alley apples, buffalo chips, compost, cow chips, cow pats, dung, golden apples, guano, humus, manure, maul, mulch, peat moss, plant food, potash, road apples, corruption, crud, defilement, dregs, dung, excrement, feculence, filthiness, foul matter, foulness, garbage, grime, impurity, mire, muck, mud, nastiness, ordure, pollution, putrefaction, putrescence, putridity, refuse, rottenness, scuzz, sediment, sewage, silt, sleaze, slime, slop, sludge, slush, smut, trash, uncleanness (thank you
Instead for the moment this BLOG will sit in ennui, apathy, and despair.
Never, ever try.