Friday, November 19, 2004

New freezer and not so good headboard.

Got a new fridgidaire freezer at Sears (who just got bought by KMart). It is about 14 cu ft upright model. Still in the box, so dunno if it works.
Tried to buy a new headboard for the bed at Slumberland. Had goober on one of the parts so they were gonna fix it. The next day they hadn't touched it so the helper started sanding around on it then got out some spray paints and brushes to "try to match the grain" on a stained oak piece. Good luck.... Then found out the "oak" headboard was a thin veneer on particle board (not even plywood) and that the stain had been sprayed on and left to make drips on the underside of the parts where you could see dark sticky blobs.
They are now proud owners of a returned headboard. They assure me they will refund my mastercard.... oh yes, i bet they get right on that.