Sunday, April 10, 2005

Sunday busy sunday

Was a busy sunday.
  • M drove the GMC and 16' flatbed trailer to go get some mulch. She kept it between the lines just fine. She let me drive it back home with the mulch.
  • M put some mulch on the garden where her paths will be
  • I dug up the septic tank cover (how exciting)
  • Fired up the JD 425 and pulled the fertilizer spreader around the yard. Need to get some parts and stuff so I can change the old, grease it up, fill up the hydrostat.
  • Took the DR for a ride. Started right up. Probably needs an oil change etc. Lubed the chain with my christmas present. The 15 yr old front tire has a couple big cracks in it. Probably need to get a new one sometime.
  • Found a young coon in the shed. Didn't have my rifle on me.
  • Still plenty more to do.